Jumping for Joy Over My Hot New Releases at Amazon

Two of them as of today!

Hot New Releases by Jane Grix


As you can see, I’m running across a beach, doing a happy dance.  Not really.  I’m in my living room and instead of a beautiful purple banner, I’m twirling a reindeer dishcloth.  But I am happy because I have two stories on the Hot New Release list for Classic British and Irish Fiction at Amazon!!  Woohoo!


I wasn’t sure at first I would be able to finish my novella Rescuing Mrs. Darcy before Christmas, but I did, and lots of you are buying it – thank you very much.  I had scheduled At Darcy House as my only December release, but the idea for Rescuing kept popping up, so I wrote it and hit publish just in time.


In a way, it was a Christmas bonus to all my faithful readers.   And now, both stories are doing well.
That’s a Christmas bonus to me. 🙂


Now as for January, I’m working away on another Jane Grix title that I hope to get to you all soon.


I also want to give a big shout out to all the people who are commenting on Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook and Fanfiction, etc.  Those words of encouragement mean a lot.  When I was working at a law firm last year, I treasured the “good job” and “nice work” comments I would get from my boss or clients.  It’s the same now with reviews.  A positive word can make my day!  I don’t even mind the negative ones because they mean that someone gave my writing a chance!  I appreciate all my readers.


Anyway, Happy New Year!  From where I’m sitting, 2017 looks like it is going to be great!  Lots more Darcy stories are in the queue! (Including a few fairy tale stories with my Cass Grix pen name).


Happy reading<,
Jane Grix

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