A New Pride and Prejudice Story for Christmas — Rescuing Mrs. Darcy



Christmas can be dangerous.


Elizabeth Darcy is kidnapped and Darcy must save her.  Eight years after their happily ever after, Darcy knows that he is a most fortunate man.  He has everything:  a wife he adores, children, and a successful estate – until a villain from his past threatens it all.  Darcy must use all his cunning to rescue Elizabeth, and Elizabeth must use all her courage to survive.
Rescuing Mrs. Darcy is a Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella based on Jane Austen’s most romantic couple.


This story has Christian themes, because I felt that was true to the characters of the original – that if they were in danger, they would pray.  In this novella, I used excerpts from prayers that Jane Austen wrote for her family to use.


I published At Darcy House almost ten days ago and decided to work on a Christmas novella, a Pride and Prejudice sequel.  I’ve had this idea for some time, but suddenly it was more important than my other works in progress.


I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story because in it, Elizabeth is happily married to Darcy and she is pregnant.  I loved imagining them years down the road.  Writing this story reminded me of my own dear husband who was kind and attentive when I was expecting – particularly on the night my youngest was born.


So, if you can spare some time for yourself  during this hectic holiday season, sit down, get a cup of hot chocolate or whatever (my favorite treat is a cup of half and half with vanilla and cinnamon) and read Rescuing Mrs. Darcy.


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