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at_darcy_house_w_beginreadingfree_ribbonThis book has been published for a week and has become a bestseller on Amazon.  I am truly humbled by that, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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So why don’t you cuddle up with a quilt and a cup of hot chocolate and take a trip to Darcy House?

Love changes the rules.

Elizabeth Bennet is the goddaughter of Fitzwilliam Darcy’s father, and when her own father dies, she moves in with the Gardiners. Although Darcy and Elizabeth both live in London now, Cheapside is worlds away from Cavendish Square, just as those in Trade are worlds away from those in Society.

Darcy finds Elizabeth intriguing but her inferior connections make her ineligible to become the Mistress of Pemberley. And Elizabeth would never want to be married to such a proud, disagreeable man. But love has a way of changing everything.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story because it explores how Elizabeth and Jane would be different if they lived with the Gardiners for seven years. And if Lady Anne didn’t die, what would be her relationship with Darcy. Also, for this book, I researched famous poets of the 17th and 18 Centuries. There really is nothing new under the sun — love is always love – and Darcy will always fall in love with Elizabeth.

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