A Great Year Passed and a New One Coming!

2017 - Jane Grix celebrating the beginning of second year as full-time author

In December 2015, I quit my day job working as an immigration attorney to write romance novels full-time. It was an exciting roller coaster last year and very productive. Here’s how it went —

One short story, three novellas and five novels:

An Heir for Pemberley (free everywhere)

Accepting Mr. Darcy

Mistaking Mr. Darcy

Something Sweet (by pen name Beverly Farr, Book three in my Love and Chocolate Series, contemporary romance — first book is free and standalone)

Stealing Darcy (by pen name Cass Grix)

Darcy’s Folly

Frankenstein Darcy (by pen name Cass Grix)

At Darcy House

Rescuing Mrs. Darcy

To think that I can earn a living doing what I have always wanted is a blessing. But I could not have done this without you, my readers, and I appreciate all of you very much whether you read Jane Grix, Cass Grix or Beverly Farr.  I also read all of your reviews!

I have more planned for this year. Last year it did take a while to find my pace, but obviously I found it. Now I’m eager and excited to write even more in 2017.  A new book will be out very soon.

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