Wow! Another Bestseller at Amazon. Thank you!

I guess you could just stop with the title of this post, but I have to gush a bit more. My full-time writing career began just a little over a year ago (since December 2015), and the experience has been wonderful. I’ve published quite a few books and plan to publish more this year.  So far I’ve published two, and my first book. A Valentine for Darcy (scroll down for book details), has become an Amazon Bestseller in a week and also made the Hot New Release list.

This also happened with my book At Darcy House, which I published in December, 2016. Thank you! Thank you!

And I appreciate all of the reviews you leave at the booksellers and Goodreads. It really makes a difference and definitely makes me write faster.

A Valentine for Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Valentine for Darcy by Jane Grix
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You can’t fight love.

Darcy knows he is falling for Elizabeth Bennet, but he doesn’t want to be connected to her ill-bred family, so he struggles to put her out of his mind. Until he receives an anonymous valentine. Caroline Bingley sent the valentine, but Darcy thinks it is from Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth thinks Mr. Darcy is an arrogant, disagreeable man, until he shows up on her doorstep, declaring his undying love for her. She is astonished. He is only half as obnoxious as he was before. What could have made the difference?

A Valentine for Darcy is a Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella, based on Jane Austen’s most romantic couple. Read to see what a well-aimed shot from Cupid’s arrow can do.

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