I am very touched by a recent review of Accepting Mr. Darcy

It is so satisfying to receive a compliment from someone whose opinion you respect.  Sarah Price, author of the Plain Fame series, is one of those people I respect.  I met her a year and a half ago at the JASNA convention and we had a fun time picking out Regency Era hats to go with our ballgowns.  She recently reviewed Accepting Mr. Darcy and her words warmed my heart.

Accepting Mr. Darcy by Jane Grix A few months ago, I was in Wisconsin at the Midwest Horse Fair where my 15-year-old daughter was competing in the Epic Night of the Horse Youth Star Search with her wild mustang, Comancheria. I ran into fellow author, Jane Grix and, in true awesome-ness, she happened to have an extra copy of her latest Pride and Prejudice variation, Accepting Darcy.

Don’t you love when you run into people and they give you a new book? Greatest. Day. Ever. 🙂

Full disclosure: Despite my focus on writing Amish fiction and women’s fiction, I love Regency writing and have begun writing Regency under the name Catherine Eleanor.

I have to confess that I was more than thrilled at this new acquisition and I couldn’t wait to get back to New Jersey so that I could begin reading it.

Except I didn’t just read it. I devoured it.

You can read the rest of her review here.


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