Darcy’s Folly: A Pride and Prejudice Variation


A Forced Marriage

When Elizabeth Bennet’s reputation is ruined, Mr. Darcy feels honor bound to marry her. The problem is, Elizabeth despises him and Darcy won’t let her go.

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Elizabeth laughed, but it was not a pleasant sound. “You are incredible, sir. If I had ever for one minute considered marrying you, your actions today would make me change my mind.”

Darcy was dumbfounded. “I don’t understand.”

“No, I don’t think you do. I don’t think you are capable of understanding. You act like one of the Greek gods, doing whatever you want, regardless of the consequences. At first, I thought it was because I am a woman and many men think women are of no importance, that we are silly, irrational creatures and cannot make decisions for our lives. But no, you don’t think you are superior only to women. You think you are superior to everyone. Tell me, is it lonely on Mount Olympus?”

Darcy flinched. “I do not think I am superior. I merely saw what needed to be done and did it.”

Elizabeth countered, “Without consulting me!”

“I am consulting with you now.”

“No, you are not. You are telling me what you have already done.”

Darcy’s Folly is a Pride and Prejudice Variation novella set in the Regency Era.


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